Video Tribute to Kris Evans Part Two

2010 GAYVN Award Nominee: Best Newcomer~~ Kris Evans

Kris Evans-Manuel Rios-Vadim Farrell

Tomorrow night, guys, the moment of truth will be at hand. For those who may not know what the GAYVN Awards are, GAYVN is actually a sub part of AVN (Adult Video News) which covers the gay porn entertainment industry in all facets, including the internet. They, along with the AVN Awards which primarily cover the straight adult sector, are the equivalent of the Academy Awards (the Oscars). The GAYVNs and the Grabbies are the two main awards within the gay porn industry given out each year to those films/performers that have demonstrated excellence in their craft. One of my favorite performers, Kris Evans, has been nominated as Best Newcomer for this year and all this week I’ve been trying to weave a small good luck spell on his behalf. Will it work? We’ll just have to see, but to all his fans, let’s all say our best wishes for him. 🙂

We’re coming upon the end of my tribute videos in honor of Kris. This exclusive programming scene in particular became quite a favorite among members of the Bel Ami website, including yours truly. This one was amazing. Prior to the shooting of this video, Kris was seen primarily as a top, and a gorgeous one he was, sporting near volcanic cum shots from his beautifully shaped penis. This video, which was presented on the site in two parts, would show him bottoming for the first time. Did he like it? Well…you be the judge of that one. *wink*

I need to mention something about the gorgeous videography. Not only was the action beautifully filmed, but they couldn’t have chosen a more intoxicating location for the scene.Did I mention how much I loved water? Pools, beaches, any place where there is water involved makes for a sensual scene and this indoor pool was incredible. It was hard to make out the various types of architecture that made up the structure, but I’d say it was a fusion of Arabic Gothic (exemplified by the shape of the archways and metal work) and Italian Renaissance. It felt as if you were in a part of an ancient castle or Venetian grotto; it was almost as if you were transported to another world.Within their studio it seems that every room is a separate world helping to create a different mood: rooms furnished in a kind of 1960’s art deco styling (like the one seen in the grand finale scene at the end of Seriously Sexy Part Two), while others like this indoor pool seen in this clip, look very medieval, otherworldly. I guess you can say, the studio is a bit like Wonderland. And the lighted scones casting golden shadows upon the walls, like dancing flames of candlelight, added to the overall atmosphere of the location itself, as well as using the water to transition from one segment to the next adding to the sensuality of the scene.The action is hot and lustful and the beauty of the setting adds that much more to it. It’s all these little things you notice, aside from the erotic action, that make these scenes the work of art that they are.

The music I chose for this scene only adds to the otherworldly feel and what better group to provide that feeling is Massive Attack, and the track from them I chose was What Your Soul Sings from their album, 100th Window (2006).This scene may seem like a little slice of heaven, but truly folks, you haven’t seen anything yet. *grin*

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