My Sascha Bear’s Triumphant Return

And I must say, it’s nothing short of miraculous!

This original program video clip from Bel Ami’s website will mark the much awaited return of one of my favorite Bel Ami beauties, Sascha Chaykin. This is his first video that he shot since his return to the Bel Ami fold and I must say, he’s never performed better, or looked more beautiful. He’s paired in this scene with the equally beautiful Florian Nemec. This was a dream pairing I must say, and I’m quite happily going to add them to my list of ‘matches made in Bel Ami Heaven’. Their chemistry and energy we see as the scene unfolds is miraculous, and as the scene progresses, look like they completely lose themselves in each other. It’s a gorgeous sight to behold. By way of a short little story of the scene: Florian and Sascha have spent some time flirting with one another over their computer webcams. Well, the time has come, it would seem, to take their flirtations to the next level, and the time, lucky for us, is now. They arrange to meet. I’m not sure I need to tell you, their attraction is immediately electric and they waste no time in idle chit-chat. Barely having the door to Florian’s room closed behind them, the pants come off and it’s down to business.

Now, kids, I mentioned sometime before that I had a list of those Bel Ami lovelies whom I saw as oral gods, and I also mandatorily had to put Sascha near the top of that list. Well, Florian needs to be added to that one, as well as, one of my favorite ‘rimmers’. It’s been ages since I’ve seen a great rimming segment and Florian does magic with Sascha’s hungry hole. I’ll just go on to say that this was definitely one of the hottest 69’s I’ve seen in a while. One other thing I have to add as to a reason why I placed Sascha so highly on my list of oral gods: he will quite literally suck the cum right out of your rod, and lovingly swallow every drop. Whoa! A cum-swallower? But it’s so rare that you see that in porn. Um…yep, it is, but Bel Ami has cum swallowers by the score. My Sascha Bear happens to be one of the best. As demonstrated in this clip (and I’m afraid I can’t show the mother of all cum-shots…sorry *sniff*..but I’ll be crucified if I did), he takes the art of oral copulation to an all new level. In fact because I can’t show the actual footage (at a later time I’ll see about getting an image set done of this scene, where I’ll be able to show it then), I’ll do my best to describe what he does…it’s so flipping hot! Toward the end of the scene, and nearing Florian’s approaching orgasm, Sascha practically tears the condom off Florian’s hard cock and attacks it, stroking and sucking for all his worth. As Florian’s white river flows, Sascha takes it all in, every drop of Florian’s load. But he’s not done…oh, my, so far from done. Sascha mixes Florian’s load with spittle and spits some of it back out onto Florian’s cock head, then he takes Florian’s cock inside his mouth all the way to the hilt, and continues to suck him off. This was one hot mother of a scene…and Sascha is back…full throttle, and it is glorious!

The music for this I wanted to do it like an actual soundtrack again, boosting the audio on the original video and lowering the audio of the music I added. Their banter was so great and sexy, I wanted to try and get every word and I didn’t want the music track I added to drown it out. Since it was such a dream to watch Sascha and Florian in action, I wanted the music to reflect that feeling. So, far I’ve used quite a bit of Porcupine Tree’s music and I thought with this video clip, and one other one I have planned, their music will fit in well with them. Since Porcupine Tree incorporates a mix of styles, still firmly rooted in rock, they produce songs too that are melodic and above all, atmospheric. Their song Dark Matter from their album, Signify is one of those songs, and also one of my favorites from this album. Steve Wilson’s poetic lyrics move and drift with the instrumentation; in fact Wilson uses his voice as an instrument, augmenting the musical accompaniment. Don’t worry about the lyrics. Believe me, I’ve been trying to figure out the meaning of this song and I can’t quite do it. But with this song in particular, as well as with many of Porcupine Tree’s songs, it’s not about understanding any kind of meaning from the lyrics (there are some that suggest a certain theme), but with them overall, their music is about feeling, of mood, of atmosphere. When you listen to their music, because of its psychedelic nature, you feel as if you’re on an acid trip. If you feel the music is tripping you out a bit, a la later day The Beatles, I say, go with it. Wilson and Company has never steered me wrong yet. *grin*

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Music clip, Dark Matter (edited from the original for length), Porcupine Tree, taken from the album Signify.