Of Climaxes and Unhappy Endings

The dénouement of GDuroy’s Seriously Sexy Part Two (2010)

Judging by what I’ve posted on parts of Seriously Sexy before, trying to leave out any spoilers (very difficult to do with this one), with all humorous bits aside, this is decidedly a very dark-spirited film, as the final scene will attest. In point of fact, not only is this the first Bel Ami film with a storyline, it’s tone is far different than in the films that have come before. Not a bad thing at all, this story is one of twisted romance and it ends in a way no one would have ever expected. I can’t say for sure if I saw this ending coming (no pun intended), I knew about it surely, but even with prior knowledge, it’s still dark, still evil, with a finish, by way of closing line (Thanks, Josh! *grin) that puts a very nice bit of red icing on this bloody Valentine, coming away with a smile a mile wide, yet one is left wondering at the very end what could, or should, happen next. We’re sort of left dangling. We slowly close the book and ask: And then what? Not cool, Mr. Duroy! 😉

Now, for my commentary, and lead in:

As Part Two opens, Josh can’t take Brandon’s philandering anymore and they go their separate ways. Josh meets up with Sascha, sadly telling him what happened between he and Brandon. Josh further tells him that all he wants is someone to love him and only him, someone faithful (not so much to ask, and it’s ultimately what we are all searching for). Sascha admits that something similar happened to him and he hasn’t yet found someone that would be faithful, and suggests that they try it together. Josh agrees and they go off together. We all know what happens next. *wink* Almost no sooner when they finish making love, Brandon shows up at Josh’s apartment, with roses wanting to see him. Sascha answers the door instead, while Josh is showering, and it will be him that will break the news to Brandon that Josh doesn’t want to see him and it’s over. Brandon leaves, and Sascha and Josh continue with their budding new love. But for Brandon: C’est la guerre!

A year passes, Brandon is shopping at an outdoor vegetable market where he runs into Sascha. They chat amicably and Brandon gives Sascha a piece of candy and says that he has more at his place, and if he helps Brandon with his bags, he can have more (*chuckle..oldest seduction trick in the book). I won’t be laughing for long. My film watching voice was screaming in my head: “Run away, Sascha! Don’t you feel your Spidey senses tingling?” But no. He can’t hear me and Brandon lures him away anyway…damn!) They arrive back at Brandon’s place and awakens his ‘house guests’ Luke, Alex and Ariel. Brandon tells Sascha they had a party the night before and they stayed over. The lustful ‘vultures’ pull Sascha onto the bed, and Luke asks Brandon “Can we do whatever we want with him?” Absolutely, comes Brandon’s response. The vultures have Sascha undressed and start working him over like a pack of sex-starved wolves. Sascha protests at first but eventually gives in. Brandon whips out his cell phone and begins to video tape the proceedings, as Sascha protests his innocence with Brandon’s cock in his mouth. Brandon can’t help but masterfully look on as his ‘lovely pussies’ continue to debauch Sascha, now a very willing participant, and Brandon documents it all in MPEG pixels, relishing every moment being the conductor and eager participant of this cantata of debauchery. It all ends with Sascha getting a cum facial (not shown in this tribute; saving it for my screen capture gallery), and Brandon filming it all. Sascha then leaves, with the debauchers wondering what to do next. They wonder no more as the four of them engage in a celebratory 4 way. It was certainly bad enough that Brandon seduces Sascha away from Josh, and it’s debatable whether he should have just left it at that and kept the video he made to himself. But as we find out, while listening to what he says while his guests are having their way with Sascha, it was never about Sascha, at least, not totally. One line Brandon says stays stuck in my mind: “He (referring to Sascha) was supposed to be mine.” Well, Brandon may have wanted Sascha all to himself, yet it was all about getting back at Josh for leaving him. By way of cruel and sadistic coups de grace, he sends the video he made to Josh via text message. See, what I mean about this being a black heart romance? And I loved every minute of it. The very final bit I’m leaving for you to discover, but it brings the film back around to its humorous edge, however darkly. I refuse to spoil it for you. Gee, ain’t I a stinker? *grin

Notes on the music I chose for this video tribute:

Different ideas for the music flooded my mind, but none really felt appropriate to capture this scene’s dark soul, and believe me when I say: this was as dark as I ever saw Bel Ami come and this film appealed to my dark soul. I very rarely write stories with happy endings, perhaps ‘happy for now’, but never ones with a Disney coated, slushy ending. God, I hate those! Yes, I’m a romantic, sometimes to the point of being sickening about it, but I also like my endings to have a certain logic behind them, as twisted as that logic tends to be at times. This film worked on its own sense of twisted logic. Many would be disappointed by how seemingly abrupt the ending seemed, and how open-ended. Well, it left it open for us to speculate on the implications of what has happened. Seeing that this film overall had a dark and twisted soul, I had to search for music that was also just as dark and would help bring that feeling across in the final scene. Bear in mind, this film wasn’t scored the way other Bel Ami films have been in the past, which lent itself tremendously well opened up for my own musical interpretation. My musical soul is vast and as much as there are moments of light in this film, I have moments of light in my musical taste. As much as this film had moments of shear darkness, so too does my music, a dichotomy I have learned to savor. So with the desire to project this feeling of darkness into this final scene, I went to my interest in darkwave, Goth-industrial and went with a band I was introduced to back in 1999 when I frequented the Philadelphia nightclubs during their Goth-Industrial nights. The music of Wumpscut played quite prominently during those nights and it is music that is just as dichotic as is all my music. Wumpscut consists of one man, a German DJ; and his music is comprised of different mixes of sounds creating pieces of both staggering beauty and sinister darkness. The two pieces I decided to use for this video are two of my all time favorite Wumpscut tracks and my favorites from his album, Eevil Young Flesh: Forgive Me and Eternal.

All video and music clips remain the sole property of their copyright holders and no copyright infringement is intended.

Video clips taken from GDuroy’s Seriously Sexy Part Two (2010, dir. George Duroy), remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.

Music clips: Forgive Me and Eternal, Wumpscut, taken from the album, Eevil Young Flesh.