In Praise of Eros, video tribute Part Two Episode 5

In Praise of Eros, video tribute Part Two

La Petite Mort, episode 5: Josh Elliot and Sascha Chaykin
Josh’s Revenge, or A Hope for New Love
Over my vacation last week, I managed to sneak in a viewing of GDuroy’s Seriously Sexy Parts One (2009) and Two (2010). This would be the second most expensive feature Bel Ami has produced (the first being Lukas in Love) and it will be the first with an actual plotline. Lukas In Love (2001) had somewhat of a plot but this one more so. Not too long ago, an internet version of Sexy was posted which was longer and had 8 hours of additional footage not on the DVD version. I couldn’t help but eat up this story of twisted romance told with a delicious sense of humor, especially in some of the dialogue. I will post a more detailed review at a later date but I want now to give a build up to this next episode.
Tired of his lover Brandon’s cheating ways, and broken hearted Josh is approached by Sascha. Josh sadly tells Sascha that he ended it with Brandon and that all he wants is for someone to love him and only him (a sediment that we all can relate to). Sascha takes him by the hand and they go off together with Sascha buying Josh a love bouquet (too sweet *grin). With the promise of new love, they then go back to Josh’s place to make love. This is a scene both blisteringly hot, sexy and passionate. It will be Sascha that will break the news to Brandon that Josh ended with him once and for all. It will also set the stage for Brandon’s bit of vengeance and act of jealousy that will break Josh’s heart anew (I won’t spoil the fun right now).
For this scene, nothing but another track by Goblin was going to do. I chose for this one another track from Back to the Goblin, Lost In The Universe and judging by how these two lovers are, they definitely look lost in another world with one another…a scene both sensual and romantic.
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Video clips taken from GDuroy’s Seriously Sexy Part Two, 2010
Music clip Lost In The Universe, Goblin, taken from Back To The Goblin, 2005.