In Praise of Eros, video tribute Part Two episode one

In Praise of Eros, Part Two: La Petite Mort

~The joining of loving soul to loving soul, flesh to flesh and heart to heart

“In tender worship, my lips caress a newly formed rose bud, greeting it with a soft kiss.
Demurely closed, it blushes as it awaits the coming dawn,
For only my gentle patience and loving care will make it open fully to me.
I brush the soft, velvety petals of the rose bud slowly against my loving cheek.
‘Awaken, my beauty,’ I bade it. ‘Awaken, and take your fill of sunlight. Come and open, Rose Bud, like a lover and welcome the sun’s warm caressing light to fill you up.’
You open in full flower, showing your love upon the world.”
~E.T.Y, 6/10/2010

As promised, I begin the second and final part of my video tribute, In Praise of Eros. I’ve decided to do these as separate video clips focusing on some of the many classic scenes that Bel Ami have produced over the years. These won’t be the full scenes, of course (sorry, folks..not allowed to do that), but I’ll provide each clip with the ample source information so if there is a particular scene you want for your own collection, you can find it.
You may notice too that the music will be changed up slightly, not much, but it will be a reflection of the mood of a particular scene. One question a close friend asked me not too long ago was how I go about choosing alternate music for the scenes. Well, to answer briefly…a lot of times, it’s not very easy. It takes a while. And many times it was sheer luck that a piece of music I chose happened to work for a scene. Usually I have sort of an idea in mind what I want to use, then I try it with the clips I picked, and it either works great or it doesn’t like I thought and I have to make another choice. I need to watch the scene in its entirety, to gain a feel for how the partners move, their responses to one another…I try to feel the scene’s rhythm and pace. I notice location where the scene is set, is there any interesting lighting effects that add character to the scene so that the music I choose reflects these elements. Also, whomever is topping for a scene in particular, I try to use him as a metronome and use his pace to make my music selection in a lot of cases. It’s not always easy to find alternative tracks but it’s also a lot of fun. This project has been the most intense and enjoyable I’ve done so far, and it is my hope that you are all enjoying it as much as I am in its creation. Believe me when I say, when you have such beauty at your beck and call, it’s so easy to be creative and express my joy at discovering these beautifully crafted erotic scenes. These scenes have become the treasures of the gay porn world, but they have become so much more to all of us. They have become works of stunning erotic art, which have managed to stand the test of time, with each loving revisitation. Yet, not only are these scenes/films highly erotic, they are wonderfully entertaining. These lustful beauties will turn you on and ‘get you off’, while at the same time you are grinning and laughing at their playfulness.
Enjoy, my friends!
Video clips taken from Fling 1: Tim Hamilton and Marcel Bouvier, Flings, 2000, Dir. George Duroy.
Music clips: B.K. Sun (all music clips remain the sole intellectual property of Bel Ami Entertainment, and no copyright infringement is intended.)
All video and music clips remain the sole property of their copyright holders and no copyright infringement is intended.