In Praise of Eros, video tribute Part Two~ By way of a tease!

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Seeing as I love film trailers and teasers (I collect vintage 60’s-80’s b-movie trailers as another hobby of mine) and trying to get geared up for offering the second part of this video tribute, I’m offering you up this teaser image. This time around, not that it didn’t deal with them before in the first part, this second concluding part of this video tribute is going to be focusing on couples. It will be lovemaking scenes from foreplay to the glorious finish. Format for the video hasn’t been decided just yet. I’ll be thinking about it over my vacation and planning it out, getting my starring couples lined up. Perhaps I may just offer this series of videos as stand-alone music videos instead of a whole piece, how I wished to do for Part One…but we’ll see. Releasing Part One as three separate segments seemed like the way to go and I posted these in order of completion. In any case, by way of a tease, this will be the scene I’ll be kicking off with. By now, to most fans, this image is somewhat iconic and it expresses the epitome of what Bel Ami is all about and why we come to these scenes again and again. And the music for this scene is so nice, that I feel very reluctant to change it. But start thinking about this scene because this will be the one to kick-off In Praise of Eros, Part Two.

(Image: Tim Hamilton, Marcel Bouvier (First Fling, Flings, Dir. George Duroy)