Like a Discovered Treasure- Brandon and Dolph Couple Pin-up Photo Session

And what a treasure this is indeed!

There are things in life that take you pleasantly by surprise and I can only imagine the look on the face of the one who found this jewel. Makes me wonder what other sorts of forgotten treasures are buried within Bel Ami’s fabulous archive. The mind reels at the mere thought. (And it reminds me that there is only one more of these beautiful couple spreads left to reveal…hmm…the mind reels again. Methinks, they are saving up the very best one for last…hint, hint. But I digress.)

Beautiful couple, are they not?

And I reveled in this one with Brandon Manilow and Dolph Lambert, taken during the filming of their scene in Lemonade (2008). It’s exquisite. I liken this one to my all-time favorite couple pin-up spread with Josh Elliot and Matt Phillipe. If this single spread doesn’t typify what an idyllic summer day spent with the one you love is, I’m not sure what would. In any case, I’m ecstatically happy that we were presented with this one at long last.

I decided to celebrate this awesome find by presenting a gallery video with some images from the spread as well as a few stills from the photo session video. Enjoy!

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