Boy and Cars: special gallery presentation

Not sure how it all started, but there seems to be this sort of metaphysical thing between guys and cars…and always has been. Before even broaching onto the idea of sex, a guy’s very first ‘girl’ was a car. I never quite understood that profound, psychic connection a guy had to a piece of metal, until I got my own first car as a teenager. Then all was made clear to me. Cars are the universal symbol for freedom…the freedom to go where ever you please..or for as long as your gas takes you (let’s be real!). Still the relationship between a boy and his car is almost as sacred as the one he’ll develop later on between he and the person sitting right beside him in the passenger seat, and the most sacred relationship of all.

Today to honor this week’s sexy pinup sweetie, Tom Henderson (before I get to his own personal posting), I put together this brief gallery of some of my fave BA guys with their cars…and I included one of the cutest orgies BA has ever filmed: the Garage Orgy from Lucky Lukas. For the musical accompaniment, I don’t think any piece was going to do than I’m In Love With My Car from Queen (another one of my favorite bands), taken from their album, Night At the Opera.


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