The Lion Seduces the Lamb

As the Lion seduces the Lamb…..

And Luke Hamill makes for a stunning, sexy titular lion. He cleverly and passionately ensnares the Lamb, Jean Ledoux in this case, into his web of seduction.He beguiles Jean with his eyes, stirs him with his touch and goes for the kill-strike with his charm, which he pours all over Jean like a love potion (Gee, I say all that as if it were a bad thing.). It’s not long before Jean is gathered into Luke’s lustful embrace.

Escape is impossible. But why would anyone wish to even try to escape Luke? Shit, I was jealous of Jean. I’ll just let this one play out as wrote, as I present to you another Summer Song, taken from Flings 3.

The music may seem like an odd mix of soft instrumental and pop. For the opening dialogue between Jean and Luke I wanted something to help accent that scene. I’ve been a fan of Michael Dyanna’s film scores for years (he scored most if not all of Atom Egoyan’s films, which I’ve become a great fan of). For this opening segment, I edited down a piece taken from the Exotica film soundtrack, Field 3. The rest of the music for the scene is one of Echo and the Bunnymen’s classic tracks, Silver. This was a 12-inch version of the song that I edited for this project.

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