No Tricks. Just Yummy, Sweet Treats

Halloween is coming up soon (next weekend as a matter of fact), so in order to celebrate, beginning today I’m presenting a grab bag for you of sorts. I have a few little nuggets of sweetness to hand out to you right now. I will have another yummy sweet-meat to give you later on in the week (uh-uh…no picking! It’s a surprise. You’ll like it. Trust me.). I think these will fill your tummies, and libidos for right now. 😉

First, I have some musical sweetness by way of some new acquisitions, from whom you can probably guess. These were taken from the Cherries DVD:

Second, another musical goodie, also more newly acquired B. K Sun tracks, these were taken from the Out At Last 2: Bonbons (2002) DVD and the opening track is the Pillow Talk 1 opening title sequence track. I’m going to present more of these of course later on (when, of course, will be a surprise):

The final treat for today is something very special: an edited clip from the second episode from Cherries (1999)- the scene between Oliver Krist and Filip Olivier.This scene is a sparkling, classic jewel; a shining example of Bel Ami’s tender, sweet, and passionate erotica that they have been known and loved for. For the musical accompaniment for this scene I turned to an artist I haven’t presented much from in these clips but he’s an old musical friend from way back. I was waiting for the right opportunity to use one of his songs, and I finally found it. Gary Numan, since the late 1970’s when the British New Wave first hit the States, has been crowned the reigning prince of Electronica and Dance, with the notable hits, Cars and Down In The Park. In the late 1990’s with his albums Exile and Sacrifice his music was beginning to see a resurgence, primarily within the Goth scene with those two albums. It was with these two albums, his music took a more emotional turn. Absolution, from his 1998 album, Exile, has to be one of my favorites from this later era. Steeped with emotion, this song can take any context one is willing to put to it. For me, I preferred to take the more romantic approach, one I believe Gary intended. For this scene and the way I wanted to use the song, I cut out the opening instrumental and had the song begin with the entrance to Gary’s vocals. I wanted Gary’s lyrics to reflect Filip’s thoughts as he’s waking up, looking at a still sleeping Oliver with a passionate and loving gaze. Oliver awakens to look at Filip with equal love and desire. They exchange loving looks and gentle caresses, as Oliver moves in to kiss Filip. It’s at that moment we are treated to an intensely moving, deeply erotic, and passionate scene of lovemaking. It’s a classic, beautiful scene and in my opinion, one of Bel Ami’s best.


All video and music clips (except Absolution (Gary Numan)), remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.