Andre Pagnol and Brian Bennet-2006 Flashback

I’ve featured Brian Bennet here a few times, but much to my guilt and shame I practically all but ignored Andre Pagnol….my SERIOUS BIG BAD! So I plan to do my best to right that wrong here and now by presenting a few teaser images from this week’s Flashback episode on Both of these guys are stunning beauties and this pairing was so passionately erotic and deeply sensual that I had to include them as one of my matches made in Bel Ami Heaven.

 I have to agree that Andre has one of the most perfectly beautiful and massive dicks in all of Bel Ami…to rival even Jack Harrer’s splendid Love Rod. And a dick of such size requires the proper worship, as Brian demonstrates here.

 Both of these shots are magnificent…ones of unspoken sensual and erotic power. Andre may have the most perfect dick, but Brian has the most perfect ass…which makes for a great combination. 😉

 Brian gets to show us how much he enjoys Andre’s cock by riding him home.

 A splendid view and a gorgeous cum shot!

Thank you, boys!

Well, I don’t have any immediate plans to do a mash up of this….but if properly motivated by Bella’s fans….maybe by Xmas if you are all extra specially good! 🙂

But you don’t have to wait for me to show an edited version of this hot one. You can see it now at!

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