Making cinematic poetry

If a sonnet could be written about a film…

Then it must be this one.  The captivatingly beautiful, Wide Open (1997) was the last film George Duroy would direct for Falcon Studios before leaving to film for his new company, Bel Ami, full time.  By now, I’ve seen all of George’s early Falcon pictures and it was almost a religious experience to watch the progression of his filming style. With Wide Open, Duroy has done some his finest work of this earlier period.

Having already been acquainted with Bel Ami’s earlier films, it was easy for me to see that, with many similar elements (and casting), these eloquently filmed scenes could be easily and seamlessly transplanted into any of the Frisky Summer films. The beauty of the videography, the locations, the gorgeous beyond belief guys (a young Sebastian Bonnet is featured in this one), and sweet, witty and charming humor, truly makes this one pure joy and a masterpiece of gay erotica. This is Falcon at its lyrical best and George Duroy emerging as one of gay cinema’s great film-makers.

Choosing to make this video mash-up a part of the series, The Story So Far, I strongly felt I couldn’t do justice in telling the story of Bel Ami, without including within it some of these treasured earlier works. These would help set the foundation of the studio and solidify its place as one of the giants in the industry. To celebrate this film, I took three of my favorite scenes, and edited them down, presenting them as separate pieces, with slightly different music for each.

Sebastian Bonnet and Jiri Lubov: music track- untitled B.K. Sun track 

To see Sebastian in this, one of his very early scenes, was a religious experience for me. I had always adored and admired him for his sensuality and sexiness. Seeing him in this, only made me love him all the more.

Ion Davidov and Andrej Volek: music track- Touch Upon Touch (unreleased); by the Cocteau Twins. I don’t think it can get any more lovely and atmospheric than the Cocteau Twins. And I don’t think it could get any sexier than these two amazingly beautiful guys.

I’ve been a fan of the Cocteau Twins since my brother bought me my first CD of their music, Victorialand for Christmas one year. I’ve used them in a few of my mash-ups here before, and if the mood strikes and if a particular song fits a scene in the future, you’ll be hearing them again. In this scene and the closing scene, for this mash up and the film, the music of the Cocteau Twins will prevail.

And finally,

The closing scene of this mash-up as well as the film itself, the film’s cover scene and more than likely has become a porn classic by now: Kristian Jensen and Ivo Svoboda. This one is just pure joy from beginning to end. The make out sequence between them was hotter than the sex itself. And the sweet, humorous ending makes this one a winner. The tone of the song I chose to accent this one, Rilkean Heart by the Cocteau Twins, helped to bring out all the joy already inheritant within this scene. I laughed until I cried, while getting  turned on….this one is magical.

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