These charming men…Lukas and Johan

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Their Youthful Love Eternal: In Loving tribute to Lukas and Johan

There is truly something genuinely special about these two. You can’t put your finger on it but it’s there and it makes you drawn to them like a moth to a flame.

It’s difficult for me to articulate in words my feelings when I look at them…youthful exuberance? Innocence? Radiant beauty? They have a rare sensuality that you don’t normally see in ones so young. And their playful sexuality is not only a turn on, but it’s also very endearing and you can’t help but smile as you watch their scenes together, or with others. And it’s this playfulness that makes watching them such a treat. It’s no wonder then that Johan and Lukas have still captured the hearts of legions of fans the world over. Watching them as with all of Bel Ami’s films, is like returning to your own lost youth, for a brief moment you can return to that delightful moment when everything was new, to be discovered, including one’s budding sexuality, coming into bloom like a rose. George Duroy is a genius when it comes to what makes good erotica. There is not one shred of raunchiness in any of the scenes, even in the cumshots/orgasms there isn’t anything remotely present that would be considered vulgar. He’s able to show the beauty of sex and also beautifying one’s sexuality and that’s a very important element to erotica. And the expressions of joyful pleasure on the faces of the partners, heightens the eroticism of the scene. What you don’t show too, is just as exciting and breathtakingly erotic as what you do. It is what gives these scenes the poetic quality that they have and why watching these two gorgeous young men remains such a pleasurable delight. It is also no wonder why I’ve chosen them as my images for the two heroes in my current novella.

When I see footage of Lukas and Johan now, they are still very beautiful men. Lukas still has that glint of a wolf in those dazzling aquamarine eyes of his. And Johan, still possesses his boyish charm and wit, and they are both sexy as flaming hell. It’s easy for me to imagine what I would say to them if I was ever given an opportunity to meet them, but I would be so tongue-tied, my voice would come out all squeaky. LOL! Ensnared by their eyes, their gaze would have me in tears, tears of joy knowing that I had just died and gone to heaven. And so it is now. I watch them and the tears of joy flow, happy I will be forever that I have made their acquitance even through their celluloid memories. I put together this presentation in celebration of them and to show that they are still adored and loved as more new fans come to discover them as I have. I owe that discovery to a dear friend of mine and it is to him that I also pay tribute. For if it hadn’t been for him, I may not have gotten to know Lukas and Johan as the rare beauties they are, and they wouldn’t have set fire to my imagination as much as they have and continue to do.

So, Randy, this show I lovingly dedicate to you and to my muses, Lukas and Johan. Je t’aime toujours.

Some notes on the musical pieces I chose for the show:
The music used for the show is presented in three parts. The first piece of music is by a film composer I love very much, the Canadian Mychael Danna. He did most if not all of the film scores for Atom Egoyan’s films such as Exotica and The Sweet Hereafter. He also did the music for 8MM. His scores are just filled with emotional power. And for the score he wrote for The Time Traveler’s Wife, he composed one of the most hauntingly beautiful, romantic, emotional and lyrical film scores to date. And seeing as Bel Ami’s films have such a lyrical quality about them, this music helped give a sense of joyful innocence. The title of the original track from the score is called ‘Meadow’. The next piece I was surprised on how well it fit. It is by one of the premier guitarists of this generation, Joe Satriani, called ‘Rubina’. For the screen captures showing Lukas and Johan’s first scene together, I wanted something both romantic and breathtakingly erotic. Joe’s piece fit the bill to perfection. Without a doubt Joe Satriani’s Rubina is one of the most searingly erotic guitar pieces ever done, and there’s a good reason for it…Joe wrote it in honor of his wife. 🙂 We round out the piece with Mychael Danna again, and the third and final piece was actually a part that I edited from the longer piece called ‘See You Again’, again from the score of The Time Traveler’s Wife. I retitled this piece, ‘Youthful Love Eternal’ and this piece I felt was so moving that I truly felt that it conveyed how long Lukas and Johan have endured in the hearts of fans all over the world, and especially within the hearts of myself and a dear friend. The presentation as a whole is a show of our love for them, and it is also a testament to the love they have for each other.

So, with heartfelt love I wish to honor these beauties, and dedicate this post to my muses Lukas, Johan and Randy. Long may thee reign in my heart.

All images presented in this slideshow presentation are either free web finds, screen captures I have gathered and cited, or ones I downloaded from Bel Ami’s website directly. All source citation on images have been maintained where ever possible and no attempt was made at their removal. Those images from Bel Ami’s site remain their sole property and no copyright infringement is intended.