The Kama Sutra-Bel Ami Style

The latest gallery page to Bella’s Permanent Collection sprang forth from a comment that was posted to the Forum this past week. So befuddling was this comment (“sex is only pleasurable in a bed”; “standing diminishes the pleasure”) that it became the idea seed for a group of us on the forum, who couldn’t understand this outlandish comment either, to find the most stimulating, outrageous and ‘o’-inducing pieces of Bel Ami erotic imagery taken from their films and scenes. 

As we were posting images and looking at them again, a commonality amongst them seemed to be found: some of the positions depicted in a vast majority of BelAmi’s scenes and films are ones utilized in the practice of tantric sex. But I think that they serve beautifully as their own special version of The Kama Sutra (hence the title of this post). Not all of these locations depicted in this gallery would seem the most ‘comfortable’ of positions for the guys to find themselves, more like places of opportunity.  But as it’s been observed by many of us, these beauties go that extra mile for one reason and one alone: to entertain all of us, their fans. So, this gallery has been lovingly dedicated to all of them as a show of appreciation for all they are willing to do and put their bodies through for the sake of our entertainment. And we just simply love them all for it!
This new gallery page, given the simple title of “Standing (or Sitting) ‘O’-vations”, will be a running gallery which will be added to as more images of outlandish sexiness are uncovered. And I’m just getting started. 🙂 
All images remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.