In Praise of Eros, video tribute Part Two Episode 8

In Praise of Eros Part Two

La Petite Mort, Episode 8: Sebastian Bonnet and Julian Armanis
I don’t recall the first time I saw these two beauties, but I remember quite distinctly how I felt when I saw the two of them together. Julian’s sensuality when he gives Sebastian oral pleasure and even Sebe when it’s his turn to return Julian the favor. Sexy and completely utterly beautiful, to watch their scene together, taken from Frisky Summer 2:Sebastian (1996), is a breathtaking one of eroticism. I’m literally afraid to say any more lest I spoil this beautifully sensual scene. And I chose the only music that would work for them, Night Wind Sent from Blondie. This song is so wildly romantic and this scene is such a gorgeously put together work of art, I felt these two would bring about the perfect marriage of erotic sound and vision. Deborah Harry’s sparkling voice paints romanticism in azure lines, letting the music move and float as we watch the action unfurl before us. It’s the single reason we cherish these scenes and why we’ve chosen to let them live in infamy.
Video clip taken from Frisky Summer 2: Sebastian (dir. George Duroy, 1996)
Music clip Night Wind Sent, Blondie, taken from No Exit (1999)
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