It’s Dano Sulik Appreciation Day! :)

A very short time ago, last night in fact, a very kind and curious soul, not unlike I was when I first found this lush and beautiful garden of erotica called Bel Ami, asked me if I could tell him who one of the models was in the short video clip of the orgy scene from Lukas’ Stories I posted yesterday. After careful pondering of his request and studying the young Adonis in question, I found the answer to the question he so curiously posed. The model’s name was Dano Sulik and he would be one of Bel Ami’s most famous and best loved of all of Bel Ami’s angels. Although he hasn’t performed in front of the camera for many moons, his sexuality in front of the camera has become the stuff of gay porn legend. His energy was boundless, exhibiting a kinkiness almost unseen or heard of at the time, early 1990’s. His history would go back to his very early work in porn for Falcon International around 1993, where he would meet George Duroy, at that time a budding young director himself. It would be with Duroy’s first feature he directed for Falcon International, Sauna Paradiso (1994) that viewers would be first introduced to this young man, with a passionate sexual energy that seemed to radiate through him and around him. He wielded such a strong sexual force that even his scene partners couldn’t help but feed off this energy. His scenes were so dynamic that his audience couldn’t help but be caught up in his power as well, as if he were kissed by Eros himself. It would be Sauna Paradiso that would feature young master, Johan Paulik in his very first role in a porn film. I may be coming back to Sauna Paradiso a little later on, because being a film historian as I like to call myself, I believe in giving people the whole story. For me it’s wonderful to see how an artist’s work evolved and changed over time, and I loved seeing George’s wonderful filming style emerge right before my eager eyes, as well as, now known, the seeming birth of a phenomenon of a studio that continues to this day. The scene I have in mind to present stands out clearly…the one between Dano Sulik and Daniel Valent (another Bel Ami model from the studio’s early days).

Beginning today and possibly into tomorrow, I will begin a day and a half celebration of this amazing erotic artist who has left behind a treasure of gorgeous cinematic memories that have stood the test of time and continue to give wet dreams to many and as it comes as no surprise to me, even now he continues to mesmerize his audiences. These images I’m presenting now should be good for a start. 🙂



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