Treasures- Group Play #1
These two video clips will begin a series of video tributes to some of my favorite group scenes. As I’ve mentioned previously, one of the things I’ve noticed about Bel Ami since I’ve started viewing their films and scenes, was that one of their claims to fame are their group sex and orgy scenes, and they film them better than any one else in the gay porn industry. These are just as gorgeously shot as the scenes with couples, and can be just as much fun and, as exemplified in this scene/clip, tender and sweet. But before this scene, I wanted to do a re-edit of that scene’s lead in, showing four of Bel Ami’s legendary lovelies Lukas Ridgeston, Sebastian Bonnet, Julian Armanis and Erik Kovac on an afternoon frolic in a beach cove somewhere in Portugal.

Then it comes down to this. Of all the scenes I’ve seen so far, this 4-way between Lukas Ridgeston, Sebastian Bonnet, Julian Armanis and Erik Kovac, taken from Frisky Summer 2: Sebastian (1996), remains as one of my favorites. It’s beautiful, fun and as the scene closes to its end, very tender and sweet.  For the music, I wanted to try and match the original track as much as possible but at the same time I wanted the music to be dreamlike, almost ethereal. I went to my Goth/Alternative music collection and chose two tracks from The Cocteau Twins, Ivo and Amelia, taken from their album, Treasure. I feel this scene is in itself, a treasure.

All video and music clips remain the sole property of their copyright holders and no copyright infringement is intended.

Video clips taken from Frisky Summer 2: Sebastian (1996), dir. George Duroy.