In Orgiastic Celebration I

With a huge sigh of relief, I’m ready to slowly get back to normal. For me, it’s been a rough couple of weeks, but I don’t want to talk about any of that now. Let’s get back to having some fun, shall we?

(ORGIES DVD, front and back cover art)

This post is the beginning of an ongoing series this month, to run concurrently with Bel Ami’s month long celebration of the release of their new DVD collection: Orgies, a two-disk compilation of some of their most classic orgy scenes from their films. With the image gallery I have planned to celebrate all of Bel Ami’s orgy scenes, I’ll be extending the party out for another month, at least that’s the hope, any way. Well, you guys all know how much I love Bel Ami and their orgies. *grin* So, after having this awesome set, of the ten scenes offered, there are at least half I’ve never seen before. I’ve been looking forward to this beauty for a while. This week, the Bel Ami website offered its members the first scene of its month-long party, the classic Turkish Bath scene from Lukas In Love (2005). I plan on celebrating this scene as well, in a later post, but before I do, I want to do a little flashing back of my own and bring my experience with Bel Ami full circle as it were. I truly can’t help but be caught up in this celebration. These, along with their other group scenes (three-ways, four-ways, more-ways, *wink*), are what make Bel Ami so much fun, of course I can’t forget the breathtakingly beautiful scenes with couples. Here is the trailer for disk one of Orgies:

And that’s JUST the first disk, guys! LOL!

This set is awesome and aside from some photography books, this had to be the best purchase I made this year so far. *grin*

As many of you may know, Lukas In Love would be Lukas Ridgeston’s final film in front of the camera. In this film, one will remember Lukas’ reaction to this orgy that his friends are engaged in and how his initial surprise, quickly results in him joining in. In order to help bring Bel Ami’s canon to this point, I want you all to remember this scene from Lukas’ Stories and his reaction to the orgy in that film. In this earlier film, he’s surprised upon his discovery of his friends’ behavior and although it arouses him, it also disgusts him. For me, Lukas’ Stories will always have a very special place in my heart because it would be the first film from Bel Ami that I saw, and it’s where I saw Lukas and Johan perform for the first time in their magical scene that everyone remembers. When I saw this orgy, the first scene of its kind I ever saw, I literally had to pick up my lower jaw after it had dropped on to the floor. My eyes were bugging out of my head. I’ve never seen anything like this. From my initial reaction (to match Lukas’) was one of OH..MY…GOD! It then quickly changed to a WHOA! as I let go the breath I had held…the scene was one of such staggering beauty, I literally couldn’t take my eyes off of it. And the music score that accompanied it, made it a dreamy experience like no other. It was wonderful, beautiful, sensual scene, and it made me smile. I knew at that moment I had found something totally unique and unforgettable. And I’ve been in love with Bel Ami and everyone connected with it ever since. *grin*

Here is the brief clip from Lukas’ Stories (1994 & 1995) and it will serve as Group Play #3 in that on-going series :

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