A Massage to Remember

Vadim Farrell needs a good massage, so Jacques Briere shows up and is more than happy to ‘administer’ to him.

The massage starts out innocently enough, as Jacques starts on his back then to his neck, as he comments to Vadim how tense his neck and shoulders feel, and goes to work on them. He moves back down Vadim’s back, and starts to kneed his firm buns. And Vadim definitely has a sexy ass!

When asked to roll over onto his back, Jacques discovers Vadim is sporting quite a hard on and takes it upon himself to give Vadim a massage of the very intimate kind, as he goes to work sucking Vadim’s hard cock to release its obvious tension. Vadim, in turn, discovers how turned on Jacques is as well, as he reaches up to touch his bulging crotch. Very soon, Vadim returns the favor by going down on Jacques’ equally hard dick. They mutually suck one another until Vadim, feeling totally obliging, proceeds to give Jacques a very great tip by fucking Jacques’ tight bubble ass. As if it isn’t hot enough around here! This one’s a scorcher and it can only be seen exclusively at Bel Ami Online!

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