It’s the weekend..and you all know what that means..Time to Pah-tay, Bel Ami-style!

Another weekend is indeed upon us, so what’s a weekend celebration without a good party, especially when it’s with two amazingly sexy guys. And who would not want to party with Johan Paulik and Chance. The original music over this scene I felt didn’t suit them and nothing but a great bump-grind tune was going to do for these guys. Taking my liberties again I went back into my club music vaults and pulled out an old favorite from my days of trolling around the Philadelphia Goth/Industrial club scene. And on any given one of these club nights, PTP’s Rubber Glove Seduction could be heard. You couldn’t help it…you had to bump and grind to it, as this song was build for. And me and a gal pal of mine couldn’t help but cause a sensation on the dance floor, bumping and grinding away, making all the guys watching salivate like a bunch of Pavlov’s dogs. It was indeed a whole lot of fun. And this song was built for fun and gettin’ down and dirty. If you were in the mood for having sex on the dance floor, this was the song to do it to.

But….wait a sec

Where’s their pole? With moves like these, these guys so need a pole. They would be the sexiest pole dancers on the planet, no question. 🙂 But you don’t have to take my word for it….

Scenes taken from An American in Prague, (D.O.P, 7/1997), Dir. George Duroy

Music clip Rubber Glove Seduction, PTP, taken from album Side Trax. (PTP was a side project of the band Ministry)

All video and music clips remain the sole property of their copyright holders and no copyright infringement is intended.