For My Slovakian Angel, Johan Paulik

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What can I say about my Slovakian Angel that may have already been said?

I’ve been wanting to do a tribute to Johan Paulik, similar to the one I did for Lukas Ridgeston earlier, when I started this blog, yet as sometimes happens, I couldn’t find the right words. Shyness became my enemy yet again. I felt as if I was in a situation where I’ve become lovestruck and at the moment of truth, faced with the object of my desire, when I have an opportunity to express/profess my love for him, I’m too overwhelmed by the words, I can’t speak, and in shy, girlish bashfulness, I keep silent while my heart remains open to bleed. I pride myself on the fact that I write better than my spoken words, but even at this time, I remain incapable of expressing what is in my heart. Hopefully this video will do what my words could not. In all truthfulness, I couldn’t think of a more loving way that I could express how much he has meant to me, how much he has been loved by fans all over the world, and even to this day, he still has the power to charm, and set a blaze our own secret desires. So, with all my heartfelt love, I bestow upon him this gift from all of us, his fans. His astounding sensuality will endure forever, and I truly couldn’t thank him enough for “taking me to the stars for free”.
The films I used for the clips are from Johan’s early days before and during his work for BelAmi. They include: The Chain Reaction, Summer the First Time, Out at Last 1: Souvenirs and Lukas Stories
The music track is ‘Hit Song’ by Peter Murphy, taken from the album, Holy Smokes.
All video and music clips remain the sole property of their copyright holders and no copyright infringement is intended. Video clips taken from Out at Last 1: Souvenirs (1996-1997; dir. George Duroy) and Lukas Stories (1994, 1995; dir. George Duroy) remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.

The silence near the end of the video was intentional. I wanted to capture that tender, sweet kiss between Lukas and Johan.

Johan, je t’aime toujours.