For My Immortal Beloved

It’s not very often I make my inductees to my Temple of Beauty public but I felt that this pair in particular should be an exception to my own rule. For not only have they gained coveted places within that most sacred temple, but they have been included in my list of couples whom I strongly felt were matches made in Bel Ami Heaven. Julien Hussey and Evan Cobb pretty much convinced me that they have earned those places, but they truly didn’t need to work very hard to do so. The mutual tenderness and passion they exhibit for one other in their photo session images (as well as the session video from where these now classic images spring), as well as a strong connection to one another that could only be described as metaphysical, as shown in the photo session video and their sex scene. Their ‘eye contact’ helps to make this connection, creating that inevitable spark to ignite the passionate fire within them. In the sex scene, (which could be found on the DVD, Eye Contact, it starts off innocently enough, during a photo session. They gaze at one another as they kiss, while we hear the off-screen snapping of the camera shutter. After some time passes, it’s only the two of them and all the innocent touches and looks they give one another, explode into passion. The scene of lovemaking that follows is in turns intensely passionate and tender. What Julien and Evan have created together both in this sex scene as well as their photo session video (and the resulting images), are moments that transcend just porn and become so much more: moments of tender, gentle feeling. Watching these two I knew I’ve found my next couple to include within my personal pantheon of passionate couples and they, themselves have earned places within my personal Temple of Beauty.


However, there is another purpose for this post: a time of needed remembrance. Last week during the usual light-hearted bantering of me and my compandres on the Bel Ami website forum, George entered the discussion to offer us this bit of sad news: Evan Cobb killed himself last Wednesday. The sudden outpouring of emotion from the forum’s regular posters, including myself, was overwhelming. Since hearing this news, I’ve been sitting Shiva out of fan love and respect for Evan (that’s why the absence of posts here of late). I’ve seen Evan’s picture on the cover of the DVD, Eye Contact but I never truly knew about him. It took some time for me to explore the scenes he and Julien shared to understand what a sweet and unique beauty he was. From my understanding, Evan was relatively new, only coming into the industry within the last year or so. Though his output was small, he will hopefully be remembered for these stunning scenes he created with Julien and Bel Ami.

I present now two videos: one is a mash-up with edited scenes from their photo session and their sex scene. The second is a video gallery of resulting images taken from that photo session. What Julien and Evan gave to us was a one of a kind scene of romantic passion, as were they and one that should never be forgotten for its erotic magic that it generated.:
1) Julien Hussey and Evan Cobb: Made in Bel Ami Heaven- this is a composite of two video edits: their photo session video and their sex scene:

-Photo session: music clip- I Feel You; Schiller, taken from the album, Life
Sex scene: music clip– Kunstliche Welten; Wolfsheim, taken from the album, Spectators

Translation of Kunstliche Welten:
I come to you, I hold your hand
Together we’re going through
This wonderful land
That I forged for you
With mathematical (grasp)

A wonder here
A dream right there
Just now here, and yet still gone
I show you my face, but you don’t see me
I know exactly what pleases you
I’m creating (for) you a new magic world
Where no rain falls
Where only your truth mattersI show you mountains, show you seas
Here you only need to see everything with my eyes
And (still) do not understand
Do not worry, you can calmly go with meInto a huge space for only you
Here, at last, you can be yourself
In neon sunshine
I catch your dreams

2) Julien and Evan video gallerymusic clip: Watching Over You (Haujobb remix); Seabound, taken from the EP, Poisonous Friend

The Goddess has taken another angel into her waiting arms, and another, newly born and bright star is gracing the heavens tonight. I have gained another sweet muse to keep all my others company. Evan’s presence here on Earth may be gone, but he’s found a loving home here, where he will always remain: my immortal beloved.

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