Just For Love: The Timeless Beauty of Andre Boleyn and Alex Orioli

A sweet smile comes over my face every time I see Andre, for I think that he looks like a younger version of Alex Orioli.At the same time, my soul fills with lust over the otherworldly beautiful Alex, who embodies the term timeless beauty, combined with an elegant sensuality. Andre for his part is following along in his brother’s footsteps, though he brings with him his own sense of sexual style and grace. Along with their stunning, dark-haired beauty, they are both equal in their sensuality, as demonstrated in this week’s Bel Ami Online scene update.Both of them are stunningly gorgeous guys. It must be something in the water in Prague. How do they grow these amazingly beautiful Adonises? Just one of the world’s mysteries, I suppose. *wink*

My muse, bless her heart, and working in very mysterious ways as usual, was thinking of a way to help me further indice all of you to see this one in all its uncut glory: a scene of passionate lovemaking and one of Bel Ami Online’s most carnal episodes to date, prior to the Kinky Angels series’ release (and that series was sporting some pretty hardcore hardcore. Oh MY!).

This was one of Andre Boleyn’s earlier scenes, perhaps shot about a year or two ago, and he couldn’t have picked a better scene partner than Alex Orioli to guide their passion. For Andre’s part, he does a fair bit of guiding himself, making this one a mutual expression of lustful desire. And from the almost instantaneous lust filled moment that these two come together, they quite literally can’t take their hands off each other. Alex has always been an amazing lover, always gentle, sweet and attentive with his scene partners. Andre is bubbling over with vibrant sexual energy. Together, it’s like flint to wood: the sparks flew. And these two exotic beauties waste no time in expressing their desire for one another.

They begin to work over each other’s swollen, hard cocks, but it’s Andre’s sweet, tight ass Alex wants. With Andre’s desirous plea of “I need you inside”,Alex smiles, seeing it as a loving invitation to get what he wants, as if Andre read Alex’s mind. The two of them look like they’re so completely into their own loving, erotic world, to even notice the world outside in the form of car sounds, bird calls and church bells, no less. Satisfying their sexual appetites is all that they have on their minds.

They make love to one another without a care in the world, and we are there to bear witness. I so wanted to be Andre and have Alex fuck me. Who in their right minds would not want to take this gorgeous love god into their beds? Then again, I certainly wouldn’t mind taking Andre into mine either.

And speaking of exotic beauty, the music was the thing, and I chose for the musical back-drop a song by Peter Murphy, Just For Love. The song’s exotic mannerisms seemed like the perfect match for this enamored couple, and a rather fitting one for a couple who appear to be in it, just for love. The full scene is available exclusively at Bel Ami Online, but hopefully my mash-up will help wet your libido to see it there for yourselves. I’ve also included the scene’s trailer for your viewing enjoyment as well.


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