Astral Ejaculations

I guess an explanation is in order about the title of this post, and the explanation more or less, lies within the musical choice I made for this clip with Jean-Daniel Chagall and Vadim Farrell (a very early scene with Vadim). Unfortunately, this clip was one from the original clips I had lined up for the Summer Songs series but later (until recently) decided to scrap because I just couldn’t come up with a musical piece to mate with it. Nothing I tried seemed to work. A few days ago, I decided to watch it again to see if there was an element, some small idiosyncratic bit I could draw out a musical accompaniment idea for this scene. It’s gorgeously shot, and the guys, well….need I say more? The location is one that many of you should be able to recognize by now as being part of Bel Ami’s Budapest studio. There were so many subtle technical elements in this one that lend itself well to deciding that another electronica piece could very well work.Using the German techno band, Seabound’s song Castaway from their album, Beyond Flatline, gave the scene a very trippy, trance-like feel. I think it transformed the scene perfectly to further describe this scene of desire and passionate lust.

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