In Praise of Eros Part Two: By way of a Grande Finale

Am I becoming predictable yet?

Yet I think you all know deep down I couldn’t leave out this classic of beautiful Bel Ami erotica. It is indeed a classic and it catapulted its stars to gay erotica fame and made them true icons. This is a scene that requires no introduction, or lead in.
Because we all love this one.
Because these two beauties remain immortal in our hearts and turn to flesh our fantasies,
Because they remind us what it is to be young and in love,
Because they spark the true romantic in all of us.

For continuing to turn their passion into art.

Video clips taken from Lukas’ Stories, (1994 & 1995), dir. George Duroy.
Music clips Good Enough, Evanescence, taken from the album, The Open Door; untitled track selection, B.K. Sun.
All video and music clips remain the sole property of their copyright holders and no copyright infringement is intended.