The Fetishistic Pleasures of Glasses

Will the real Clark Kent please stand up? (Sorry, guys. I absolutely couldn’t resist.) They’re both Supermen as far as I’m concerned.
They look so cute, don’t they?

Who said you couldn’t make a fashion statement in porn? These guys certainly do. And they look gorgeously hot doing so.
Jason Clark just happens to meet up with Jacques Briere on the metro, and they are both surprised to discover that they have the same taste of very stylish glasses. It’s not long before this adventurous two-some go off together to explore what other things they have in common.

After the boys spend several moments chatting and getting to know one another, it doesn’t take long for their uncut cocks to come out and for them to go down on one another.

Mutual cocksucking leads to ass eating……

Which eventually leads to Jacques throwing his legs in the air to get nailed by Jason.

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