Like a Couple of Cute Kangaroos

This clip was a last minute entry in my Summer Songs series’ roster. In fact, I wasn’t going to present this one until much later on, but my muse’s soft whisperings in my ear kindly made the suggestion that I present it now. As with all the video clips I have chosen to represent this series, this one in particular touches on the sweet innocence and wonder of sexual exploration and perhaps even, of summers long gone by. And this scene with Paul Valery and Kevin Elola taken from Flings 3 (2007) touches on both of these ideas.

As the scene begins, and it’s more of a ‘double scene’, hence the title of the sequence of the film is ‘Double Fling’, Luke Hamill and Paul Valery are on vacation taking in the sights, while at the same time Jean Ledoux and Kevin Elola are doing likewise. The four guys meet up and after a little discussion they agree to swap partners. In an earlier post I presented the part of the sequence with Luke Hamill and Jean Ledoux. In this clip is the other half.

Paul Valery became an interesting case for me, I have to confess. I didn’t like him at first. I thought he was arrogant and crass…all the qualities in a guy that I don’t like. Truth be told: I just haven’t given myself a chance to get to know him. Underneath all that arrogance on the surface, lies one with in a tender heart. And he showed that to me here. By the end, these two moved me by their sweetness to even now, I’m wishing they could have stayed at Bel Ami. Like a couple of sweet and cute little kangaroos, they bounced into our lives. And just as quickly it seems, they bounced out, but they have left behind for us some wonderful and fun treasures to enjoy. And to that I give them a load of thanks.

So it’s to these two Bel Ami Kangaroos, I lovingly dedicate this next entry to the Summer Songs series:

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Music clip: Kangaroo, by This Mortal Coil, taken from their album, It’ll End In Tears.