Let my body and soul be forever captured by you

My final presentation today for the Summer Songs series, is a passionate one with Brandon Manilow and Liam Phoenix from their scene in Pillow Talk 1 (2006).

Words seem inadequate to describe this one other then how lovely both of these guys look together, and how blissfully erotic this scene is overall. In turns both passionate and romantic, I think the title of this post, as well as the title I gave this clip, pretty much sums up my feelings when I view it. It’s become a Bel Ami classic and I was happy to make my edit of it part of this video series project. Call me the world’s biggest sap, but there are times when I do tend to get emotional when watching some of these clips. Perhaps, the music I chose to accompany this clip, the second portion of it anyway, had that effect on me, like Pavlov’s dog.

The music I used to accompany this impassioned couple are a couple of sweet and moving B.K. Sun tracks that should be familiar to most of you by now.

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