Bielko, Bielko, Oh, Biel-ko

It can’t be work all the time at the Bel Ami Ranch.
A nice cool off in the pool is just the thing on a hot summer day.

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Time for me now to introduce to all of you the unsung hero of Bel Ami~~ Marty Steven’s friend and constant companion, Bielko, a very sweet looking, high-spirited and playful Jack Russel Terrier.
Bielko and friends, Sascha, Dolph and Kris taking a time out in the pool.
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It’s quite easy to call this cute little guy, the family pet, or more appropriately, the studio’s mascot. As a member of Bel Ami’s website, I’ve seen him quite a bit in the documentaries and the behind the scenes footage. And sometimes a photo of him sneaks into a model’s photo session gallery, as he did during the one shoot with Kevin Warhol.
Just another busy day at the office. I’m beat.
Bielko takes a much needed time out while on set.~~*~~

He has a very important job at Bel Ami. Not only is he their four-legged PR rep and Marty’s right hand…(or is it paw?), but he works very hard to keep everyone at the studio happy. If a new guy is nervous about being photographed, it’s Bielko’s job to play with him, make him laugh and make him feel more at ease. Not an easy task but it’s one I hear Bielko takes to with a great deal of heart and energy. And it’s very much a team effort. Bielko knows how important Marty’s job is and when the two of them are on set, Bielko will just fall asleep nearby, but always keenly aware of where his friend is at all times. A relaxed and happy set is very much a better one to work in for everyone involved and it’s a job that Bielko takes very seriously. As Marty puts it during an interview with one of my writer friends: “He is very happy as long as he is with me.” Sounds like an awesome friend to me. Isn’t that what friendship is all about? And it seems as if Marty and everyone at Bel Ami have found a wonderful friend in this lovely creature named Bielko.

Thank you, Beilko. We love you too!

Awww…are they being meanie to you, Bielko.
Are they not letting you play with them?
Poor sweetie.

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