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The Beauty of the Bel Ami Male 4

Posted on Nov 22, 2011 by in Beauty of the Bel Ami Male image gallery series, frontpage, Yves Carradine |

The Yves of My Winter Heart’s Content

Yves Carradine

Yves is the sweetest, gentlest, most delicate and precious of all the male flowers I’ve collected during my many visits to Bel Ami’s Garden of Eros. Kissed by the Goddess Aphrodite and prized by Apollo, he has certainly claimed the title of Love’s acolyte. A tender and sensuous lover, the softest touch would be all that was required to send his passion to fiery light. He’s a special treasure with his piercing, turquoise eyes. I’ve clutched him to my heart like a hungry glutton, but tonight I’ll surrender him, to give him over to Bella for her tender keeping. I trust that she’ll keep one of my most treasured and beloved ‘Old Guard’ safely protected. He’s a graceful, loving prince and he’ll forever move me to admiring, joyful tears.
Welcome home, my love.

(From Greek Holiday Part Two (2004) )
(From Greek Holiday Part Two (2004) )
(From Lukas In Love Part One (2005) )
(From Lukas In Love Part One (2005) )
The remaining images were taken from the Howard Roffman book, The Boys of Bel Ami

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