Two Sexy Americans in Budapest

Everyone, I’d like you all to meet Alex Waters. He is the latest of Bel Ami’s newest American sweeties to be enlisted in the Bel Ami Army…the more the merrier, I say!

And we all know this guy!
Hi Lukas, hon! 🙂
For Alex’s first interview, a little added company was thought to be in order to try and make the new guy feel right at home. Who else other than another Bel Ami American Exclusive, Mick Lovell. Mick has been creating quite a stir around here, especially amongst the members of’s forum. When early images were being shared with all of us, the posts/comments flew, with everyone asking: “Who’s the cute blond?” and “Is he ours? Is he ours?” Yep, he is indeed and fear not…you’ll be seeing more of him. But today although Mick is sharing in this very special occasion, it really is all about Alex.
 I think you guys can pretty much tell, they hit it off with one another quite well.
There’s some nice ass-sets, Alex! *wink*
 Yeah, they were getting to know each other very well.
 Comparing dicks…..
Must be a guy thing….*wink, grin*
 And of course, sharing a wank.
 Too cute….thanks guys!
We love you already!
 Awww….that’s cute….as well as sexy! I can feel their chemistry building already, can’t you? It’s my hope they’ll be paired together in a scene at some point. And if these images aren’t enough to justify my hope…well, we’ll just see. 🙂
 Bella and I want to extend both Alex and Mick a warm welcome to the Bel Ami Family
Welcome home, boys! 🙂
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