Trailer Park Update for week of 10/16/2011

It’s been a while since I was able to update the park, but we’ve returned with some fun ones, again one new and a classic.

First up…..someone around here’s got sex appeal….can you guess which one? Well, if not, you’ll soon find out.  These five scorching hot scenes contained in Bel Ami’s latest erotic new release will no doubt make you believe what we all have known for some time. Athletic, sensual and always beautiful, he’s sure to melt your heart, if he doesn’t make you release your load first. Seeing is, after all, believing. 

Next…this Bel Ami classic has been beloved by fans for many moons. It would introduce some of the new generation of Bel Ami heart-throbs…or crotch-throbs? In many ways, I wish I had seen this one first before Lukas in Love. Still, I don’t think that makes much difference. I spent along luxurious, albeit rainy, afternoons basking in the warmth and beauty of this film, as well as the uninhibited sexuality of its young stars.

To view this week’s addition to the park, enter here and scroll near the bottom of the page.