Phillipe Gaudin and Gaelan Binoche Condom Free

Oh, La La!

Both Phillipe Gaudin’s and Gaelan Binoche’s popularity has risen pretty quickly at Phillipe is just as cute and hot as he wants to be. And Gaelan……ah me!……I thought he was a heart-breaker from day one! Now, this sweetheart lover boy just gets better, hotter and sexier with every scene he’s in! Gaelan has been building up his gorgeous lean body to match his huge uncut cock and the results as you’ll see and nothing short of lovely, filling out in all the right places. And in this one, these two deliver a knock-out punch to the nth degree! And I must say that the things these two do to one another in this one……oh MY!

Directly from jump the steamy chemistry between these two is completely apparent. They playfully wrestle with each other, though it wasdetermined that that was how they decided who was going to be top dog for this one, and itproved to be quite a battle, as Gaelan’s bruises he shows off demonstrate…..guesswho won? *wink*  The pictures tell only part of the story….but the video tells all!

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