Image of A Demigod


Yesterday, as I was going through my image collection for another project, I came across this amazing image of Sebastian Bonnet, and although I made it a part of my current project I’m working on (top secret, by the way), I was too excited by its discovery not to share it now. It is a breathtaking work of photographic art; completely resonating with beauty, both Sebastian’s and the image in general.Naked, arms stretched high above his head, straining to reach heaven, he stands as if in a cathedral, (as the object behind him forms a motif of a cathedral window) and as bright white light shines around him and reflects off his slender frame, it’s as though he is the avatar of Apollo and he has received a blessing from the god.I was reminded of some of the sculptures I’ve seen in Philadelphia’s Rodin Museum and how wondrous those were.So too is this. This is such an awe-inspiring photographic work of art, totally putting these artists in a class by themselves.This and so many other images I’ve discovered I wished I could blow up and hang on my wall, instead of displaying them on my computer screen, they’re that beautiful. Seeing this image, as well as countless others, completely took my breath away and sent me into a state of total euphoria. A glorious work of art….so too, is Sebastian. 🙂

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