In Praise of Eros, video tribute Part Two Episode 12

In Praise of Eros Part Two
La Petite Mort Episode 12: Tim Hamilton and Danny Saradon
Dreaming of Predators
An element of erotic film that shouldn’t be over looked, is dialogue. What people say to one another during foreplay or even prior to any sexual act or during sex itself, can be just as much of a turn on as the action we are witnessing. And what better example of it can be found then in these films, and in particular, this scene between Tim Hamilton and Danny Saradon, taken from Frisky Summer 4: Summer Loves (2002). As cutesy as their bantering is (here, subtitled from the original Czech), there’s no mistaking the eroticism hidden in their words to one another, making the sex between them sizzling hot. However there was a point when I wished Danny didn’t make Tim into a contorsionist and made love to him properly. *wink* I can’t spoil anything else. It’s best you find out for yourself. Yet I have to say that just the image shots of this scene alone made me want to search this one out.
The music I used for this one is an old friend, one you should all recognize by now and I thought it fit these two so beautifully.
Video clip taken from Frisky Summer 4:Summer Loves (2002), dir. George Duroy.
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