Lukas and Johan scene clip: Lukas’ Stories

Here is a brief clip of Lukas and Johan’s scene together from Lukas’ Stories. Although it’s brief it shows that it’s a gorgeous scene: beautifully photographed and breathtakingly erotic. It proves what startling performers these two were and they glow with love and desire, making this scene a pure joy to watch. ¬†To get more information on this film and others visit the Bel Ami website. I believe you will be able to watch the trailer, but screenshots and video clip downloads are for members only.

The Bel Ami video clip is from Lukas’ Stories. This is a composite film combining both Lukas’ Stories Part 1 and 2.
Original Copyright information: Lukas’ Stories Part 1 (1994), George Duroy; Lukas’ Stories Part 2 (1995), George Duroy; Lukas’ Stories (dvd release, 2002), George Duroy.

This video clip is the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment. No copyright infringement is intended.