Bel Ami’s Triptych-A Scrapbook, of sorts

The Boys in Austin

In BA Heaven (image by Fleshjack, via Twitpic)

BA’s cowboys

Kris Evans and Kevin Warhol (image by Fleshjack via Twitpic)

Dolph has a close encounter with a mama ‘gator (notice the little one riding on her head)

Carrots: $1.00 for 2; the look of shock on your companions’ faces when a four-legged friend takes one from your mouth…..priceless!

Jean-Daniel Chagall strikes a lovely pose.
Thank you, Dahling
Kevin in the shower
(Images by Fleshjack via Twitpic)

Ridin’ the BA Train
 (Can I be the caboose?)
(Image by Fleshjack via Twitpic)

Too beautiful for words 
Image by Bel Ami
Meet the new Fleshjack Boys

The Boys in Chicago

Dolph near Cloud Gate in Millennium Park, Chicago

Kevin near the Cloud Gate in Millennium Park, Chicago

Yep, Kris has the Chicago-tude down. 🙂

The boys rockin’ it at Lucky Horseshoe
(Images by Fleshjack via Twitpic)

The boys in front of the Sears Tower, Chicago
Got to love Kris mugging for the camera. What a ham! 🙂

In Mykonos, Greece
Kris Evans, Julien Hussey and Florian Nemec

All images are by Bel Ami unless otherwise noted.