Sneak A Peek

Guess whose luscious thighs and gorgeous dicks these are?
I’ll give you good people a hint, no… maybe two:
1) They were nominated for best duo in this year’s GAYVN Awards (BIG clue and giveaway),
2) And, oh yeah! A piano was involved 😉

If you can’t guess, fear not. All will be made clear within the next couple of days. I’ll be posting mini galleries to honor this very cool movie, within the next day or two…I’m going to be a stinker and not tell you right now. All that I’ll say for now, is that seeing as I’ve not been able to find any screen captures for this film, I had to go ahead and ‘create’ them. They’re done, both parts (that should be another clue right there ;)), as of very early this morning; I’m just choosing the ones to use for the galleries. Some of these will be seen again in another big project I have in the works (haven’t decided as yet). I’ve posted some scenes from this film, all ready. I just don’t want to spoil the surprise, and give anything away just now. It was a fun one to be sure. I’ll just let you guys drool on this little teaser for a while. I also got another idea for a video tribute for this film which will be posted some time next week.
One thing I wanted to note: when I do screen captures, I batch convert portions of the video file. Then I have to go through them to make my choices on which ones to use for galleries. It’s time consuming (the programs I use may not be the best but they get the job I need done), but I have to say, when it’s all said and done, it’s a labor of passionate love :). The other thing too, since these video parts are converted frame by frame, as you go through them, you begin to notice things you didn’t see before as you are watching the film as it’s running. You see finer details that have completely escaped your original viewing. When it comes time to post my ‘homemade’ screen captures, I’ll point out my little discoveries. I’ve made a couple that were really quite neat and have made these films even more artistic.
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