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Virgin No More 3, Scene 3: Luke Hamill and the Kinky Angels

The final scene from Virgin No More 3, which originally aired on as a two-part scene, is a finale of sorts and it was a fun way to round out the DVD.  And you all should know by now that whenever Luke gets involved, fun will more than likely ensue. He has a great time with these young ones, and boy, does it show!

The boys have returned from their shopping spree and they are eagerly trying on the things they’ve just bought.

Seeing one another partially unclothed would prove to be more than enough to get everyone hot and horny, and as one might expect with these guys, (*grin*) an orgy unfolds!

The clothes (or what’s left of them) are shed!

And let the games begin! 
 These two images are just cool as all hell….and HOT!!!!
Now, this is my idea of an erotic sculpture, or what I like to call, a flesh puzzle

A good time is guaranteed for all on this magical tour!
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