Dolph Lambert: One of Bel Ami’s Love Gods

What a dream boat! That has always been my thought every time I would look at images of Dolph or watch one of his many scenes. He’s a stunning beauty and a sensual, passionate performer. I don’t recall when he first began at Bel Ami, but I certainly remember him being one of the first of the newer batch of beauties that caught my eye when I first joined Bel Ami’s website. And the first scenes I saw of him were with Todd Rosset for their film, Todd and Dolph. My love for Dolph would continue from there.

Recently Bel Ami posted a new pin-up gallery of Dolph shot during their last trip to South Africa. I thought I would share some of those here along with a few of the screenshots from the photo session video. Rounding out this mini gallery I chose a few from his older pin-up gallery. From that earlier shoot to now, he just keeps looking better and sexier.

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