What Bella’s Thankful For Part One

To all of Bella’s foreign friends who may not know: today in my country, the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s a time to gather with family and friends to give thanks for the blessings the year has given us. I think we all have something that we feel thankful for.  I feel thankful for the love and support of a great family and all the wonderful people that have formed my personal circle over the years and all the new ones that have come along.  And even my Bella has things that she’s thankful for too and today she wants to share them all with you. Because of the holiday, this week’s activity around here will be rather mellow as I wrap up a very busy final class for my Masters program and get ready to spend the holiday with my ‘new family’. So, seeing I’ll be away from here for a few days, I’ve broken out of my normal schedule here slightly. But I’ve left Bella behind to ‘keep an eye on things’.
BelAmiOnline.com has never ceased to amaze its fans and last year was no exception. I’ve been with them a full year now, going on two andit’s been a tremendously fun and sexy ride so far. I hope you will all agree. So beginning today and concluding on through the weekend, here’s a brief look back at all the erotic beauty Bel Ami has given us so far. And as this year slowly draws to a close, keep watching! They’re not done! We so haven’t seen anything yet!
Happy Thanksgiving!

1) The King Has Returned! And in Triumph!

2) For the littlest of angels, however kinky theymay be!
The final group of images were taken by Howard Roffman

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