Matches Made In Bel Ami Heaven 2

3) Josh Elliot and Brandon Manilow (Lukas In Love Part One, 2005):  This was the first scene I saw of these two and I was blown away by them both. I loved Brandon’s intense passion and Josh’s responses to him. It all starts at a party the boys were throwing for Josh’s birthday. Some of the guys ceremoniously picked him up and tossed a very surprised Josh into the pool. Those meanies! They didn’t even say sorry!  🙁  Poor baby!  Not exactly pleased with his friends he leaves the party to dry off. Well, who should come to his rescue, but Brandon and let’s just say that he gives Josh a birthday present to remember, and they both give us a super hot scene in the process. *grin*

4) Marc Vidal and Rick Fontana (Lukas In Love Part One, 2005):  From their photo shoot together and then their lovemaking scene that follows, the chemistry these two had as well as the affection they had for one another made this one a winner. If these two weren’t a couple in real life, you wouldn’t have known that from watching them. They looked gorgeous together.

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