Matches Made In Bel Ami Heaven: Introduction

(Image Source: Johan Paulik and Ion Davidov, Out At Last 1: Souvenirs, 1996-1997, dir. George Duroy, Bel Ami Entertainment)

Although I’ve only been a fan of Bel Ami’s films for a short time, I’ve seen plenty of images of the studio’s models that had been shared with me. I was immediately taken in by their extraordinary, almost otherworldly, beauty. These guys held something quite unique and special and I became in a word, spellbound. It certainly wouldn’t take me very long to feel that way from the moment I saw their scenes for the first time. The first film I saw of Johan Paulik was An American In Prague (1997). I was so enchanted by, not only his beauty, but his sexy playfulness as well. And the scene he has with Chance at the film’s climax is a delightful mix of exuberance and tender passion, making that one a Bel Ami classic. The first film I saw of Lukas Ridgeston, which made me fall head over heels in love with him all the more, was Lukas’ Stories (1994,1995). His scene with Johan Paulik has become a true Bel Ami classic and convinced me, beyond all reasonable doubt, that these films are some of the most beautifully photographed and performed pieces of film erotica ever made. No one has even tried to come close to matching this studio’s wealth of sensuality exhibited by the studio’s artists, both in front of the camera as well as behind it.  Bel Ami’s photographers know, almost instinctively, how to capture the beauty of, not only the male form, but male sexuality, and they do it better than anyone else in the world. In point of fact, the only studio I’ve found that would even remotely come close to approaching Bel Ami’s artistry in some of its features, is the US studio, Raging Stallion.

With all the Bel Ami films and scenes I’ve seen thus far, I noticed there were couples that showed true fiery passion for one another. So much so, that at times I thought I would have to get my eyes dipped in asbestos so they wouldn’t catch fire themselves and burn. The aching, throbbing burn between my legs would prove to suffice. *grin* So, with that in mind, over the last few days I tried to construct a list of those couples I felt exhibited true passion for one another and they were in essence, ‘matches made in Bel Ami Heaven’. Over the next several posts I will unveil this list of 16 couples that I felt were utterly spectacular in showing not only great passion, but making all of us feel it as well, making these guys true masters of erotic art.  Originally, I had 15, but I truly couldn’t allow myself to forget the gorgeous erotic beauty that Luke Hamill and Keanu Faria demonstrated and it would be a shameful sin if I left them out. So, beginning on the next post, here’s my list.  If you had ever made such a list, feel free to share with me how close or how different they are: