Musical question: requesting aid from the fan base

I realize the above image is a tad out of place for a gay porn blog, but I feel very much like the kitty right now…confused, dazed, befuddled, and otherwise puzzled, doesn’t quite begin to cover what my mind is going through at the present moment. After exhausting all my research attempts to identify the two attached music clips taken from Lukas’ Stories, I finally have to request the assistance from the Bel Ami fan base to help solve this mystery. I know that the composer from Bel Ami’s later releases was B.K. Sun however, for their older ones released around the early 1990’s, there’s no music credit offered (*sniff), leaving this music lover and collector of film music in a very deep quandry~~~ HELP

For most folks, music in porn films is kind of a throwaway–it’s mostly ignored in favor of the other ‘music’ in the film. For others like me, who treat porn like any other film category, my interest is piqued when I notice interesting and beautiful music (like these clips), in films, especially porn. It comes as a very welcoming surprise. I’ve collected film scores for years, just about as long as I’ve been collecting films, and when I run across an interesting piece of music or a score I want to try and get it, especially when it can serve as inspiration for my writing. The music in these clips to me aren’t any different. These pieces are lovely and inspiring. Already I’ve used them in a ‘pseudo-soundtrack’ I’ve put together for the erotic novella I’m currently writing. I would love to know the composer of these pieces so I can add more to my collection. One of the other reasons, aside from the obvious ones, I love Bel Ami’s films so much: gorgeous and romantic music to go along with everything else. I must thank these guys for making my soul take flight and setting my imagination aflame.
Please help if you can.

Lukas Stories Soundtrack by Goblingoddess