Off to Summer Camp

Oh, summer!

Summer, to some, means one thing: fun.

You find fun where you can and sometimes, as it usually happens, you find it with that special someone.

To the younger set, it means your parents packing you up and shipping you off to that most dreaded of childhood rites of passage: summer camp. I HATED IT!!! I went to a day camp one year and I really questioned my parents reasoning for getting rid of me for several hours a day, five days a week, for three months until the start of school in the fall (the other thing I hated at that age). It was like going to school for me; something else to loathe and something else to be at odds with my mom about. I couldn’t play sports….was forced to. I liked the water but couldn’t swim…was forced to, or I would drown. Hey, that’s a way to teach young kids! Throw them in water and see if they bounce back to the top! But surprisingly, I took to water like a hunting dog. I found I could doggie paddle. It wasn’t effective but it kept me from drowning. Being a shy kid growing up, I didn’t make friends as easily as my brother did. Most of the kids made fun of me. All I really wanted to do was read my book and not be bothered. The only thing I wanted bothering me was an occasional insect that would come along and inspect what I was reading, certainly not freckled-faced Billy the Slug, with black-rimmed glasses and buck-teeth. Well, things were a bit different at this camp. This was mostly for kids in the 3-5 grade. And as I recall my time there, it was slow torture: either the kids tortured me, or the activities tortured me into a sorry state of boredom. The moment I actually started to have a good time was the final day, when I realized, I didn’t have to come back there. I would be able to spend the remaining few weeks of summer break doing what I wanted: reading and playing with my other friends in the neighborhood.

I didn’t learn how fun a camp could and should be until I went to band camp in my sophomore year of high school. Those were some of the most fun times I had had in high school. My best friend told me band would be fun, just failed to tell me how much fun it would be. Aside from learning to play my clarinet, and playing with my band mates (as I think now my first crush at band camp was a boy who as I recall him, bore a striking resemblance to Ethan Clarke *wink*), we did have some free time to ourselves. And what else do curious teenage girls do away from parents and their draconian rules? Spy on the boys, which my friend and a herd of us did on a regular basis. One of the girls had the only pair of binoculars and we would fight over who got to use them. We got a great view from our bunk house across the quad to the boys bunk, which was the attic floor of a large converted barn (this was at an old 4-H camp up in the mountains in New Jersey). We were always hoping one night to catch one of the boys changing out of their clothes. Why is it you get suddenly embarrassed when you see the object of your secret lust bare-assed, in his full glory? And that embarrassment seems to always carry over into the morning when you see him in the dining hall, and he looks at you, gives you a happy morning greeting (you’re friends by this time, and he’s completely unaware that you got to see, in very full view, what Mother Nature had blessed him with). Remembering what you ‘know’ about him from the night before, you’re too bashful now to make full eye contact. Only a demure hello is all you can manage. Later, during your sectional rehearsal, you’re seated in your usual places, his knee touching yours and he makes some funny joke to make you smile. All’s fine in Mudville, as they say. I would later discover, we, girls weren’t the only spies. The boys had curiosities of their own. Until the night comes, and the ritual starts anew, only this time, like a drug-craving junkie, I was hoping to see more of my ‘target’.

Making friends, spying on the opposite sex, nature walks and swimming in a discovered water hole: those are my fond, or fonder memories of summer camp.

In Bel Ami’s Summer Camp (2000), these sexy vignettes should help bring back some of your own favorite, lusty memories of summer. I put together this film mash-up as a long, ‘fan-trailer’, taking some of the music I found from the film and using it as its soundtrack. The film is a lot of fun, erotic, and very beautifully shot.

All video clips remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.