In Praise of Eros, video tribute Part Two Episode 4

In Praise of Eros, Part Two
La Petite MortEpisode 4: Lukas Ridgeston and Jason Paradis
An Idyllic Hideaway

I was asked if ever I slept. The answer is ‘how could I possibly?’ When I have such extraordinarybeauties dancing naked in my dreaming mind. Lukas Ridgeston, by far, along withJohan Paulik, is one of my favorite Bel Ami beauties and both he and Johan have topped my list. They were one of the first ones I’ve seen images of and rightfrom the first scene I watched of them together, the first BA film I saw infact, I fell head over heels in love with them. Their energies differ but notby much. When you ‘study’ their performances you notice these right away. WhereJohan exhibits unboundless, playful sexual energy bordering on exuberance,Lukas is refined, delicate and gentle in his movements. He doesn’t pound hispartner to orgasm as much as he strokes you. He takes his time and he’s goingto make damn sure you’re going to enjoy the ride. I’m not taking anything awayfrom Johan, whose energy you can’t help but feel, and I never saw any of hisscene partners complain…I sure as hell would not. šŸ™‚
This scene of Lukasand Jason Paradis from Coverboys (2001) is indeed a treasure of eroticism. It’sstyle and beauty is something to savor forever. Jason Paradis is well named,for you will feel as if you were in paradise as you watch him tenderly use hissensual mouth on Lukas’ hard cock, in gentle, loving worship. This naturalsetting, overlooking tree covered mountains is as breathtaking to behold as theaction taking place here. It is indeed, an idyllic hideaway perfect for thesetwo Adonises to make love. This is such a gentle and sensuous scene oflovemaking that I used another piece from Goblin only this time, the band’ssound is somehow different yet still it’s Goblin. The track I decided to use isfrom their 2005 cd Back to the Goblin and the title of it is, “JapaneseAir”. This melodic piece may sound a bit out of place or character forthem, especially after the piece I used in another clip in a previous post. YetI wanted to have a piece that not only reflected the ethereal beauty of thisawesome location but also the sensuality of both Lukas and Jason.
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Ā Video clip taken fromCoverboys, 2001, dir. George Duroy
Ā Music clip,”Japanese Air”, Goblin, taken from Back to the Goblin, 2005.