From Frederic watering the garden, to Bolek watering Frederic

Continuing from where we left off a few days ago……I’m not sure I could have picked a better scene to conclude this special two-part Valentine’s Day edition of the Weekly Mash-Up if I tried.

This scene taken from‘s famous archive is an unreleased episode (from the 2002-2008 filming era) between Bolek Polanski and Frederic.

Sadly and quite regretfully, this would be one of the few pieces of material Frederic would do with Bel Ami but his star quality should be clearly evident in this very sweet and adorably sexy scene shot at the Bel Ami studio in Bratislava.

What makes this scene special is that, not only does it feature two hot and cute guys, but this scene would be one of the earlier ones shot by Luke Hamill, with Sebastian Bonnet assisting him as second cameraman. Over the years, Luke would continue to develop his film style to what we’re seeing from him in many training episodes he would shoot and edit to his recent released episodes from Bel Ami’s reality series, Back In Africa.

It’s a rather peaceful and lazy afternoon as the scene opens with Frederic watering the garden while under the lustful watch of Bolek perched on top of the windowsill and playing with his own hose. As they capture one another’s gaze and after a few moments of playful flirtation Frederic rushes back inside to meet Bolek so they could commence to more meaningly play. When they’re through taking turns sucking each other’s cocks, Bolek proceeds to fuck Frederic’s cute, sweet ass.

After shooting his load on his lover’s back, Bolek helps his buddy to reach climax as he shoots a nice wad of cum of his own. 

The music selection is an old friend and one you all should be able to recognize.

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