Sascha and Florian Mini Gallery

As promised, I’ve set up a mini gallery of Sascha Chaykin and Florian Nemec’s scene I posted a brief clip of last week. This was a truly amazingly hot scene, of which these images hardly do it justice. When you put together two highly sexual beings, the results could only be electrifying. I’ve loved Sascha since I first saw him in Lukas In Love (2005), where his scene he has with Sebastian Bonnet sent me to the moon when I witnessed his sensual way he performed oral on my beloved Sebe. And I bashfully have to admit that this was the first scene I saw with Florian and I was floored by his performance here. This one also featured the mother of all cum-shots, which even the images from this set don’t do it proper justice. It simply must be seen, and it makes Sascha a true oral god, sensual and kinky as hell.

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