By Request- Renato and Etienne

As the saying goes “Ask and you shall receive.” That saying pretty much holds true around here as well. As long as the request is reasonable and follows the set rules I’ve outlined here, then as another saying goes:“Buddha provide.” A few months ago I had gotten an email from one of Bella’s visitors asking me why I didn’t have any images of Renato Amoroso and Etienne Pauliac on my blog, as he further stated that they were his favorites. I was speechless, not being able to come up with a suitable response to his quite reasonable query. I responded back to him with the lamest of all excuses, I thought: I haven’t gotten to them yet. LAME!! Or the better response should have been: I haven’t discovered them yet. Well, I have, and they are both breathtaking beauties. And the moment I did discover them I immediately made them part of my Heart’s Locket.

So, with this post I’m going to present two mini galleries of both Renato and Etienne.

By request and by way of special dedication: to Bella’s anonymous visitor/admirer, these galleries are for you.

Je t’aime et merci, mon ami.

Etienne Pauliac

Renato Amoroso

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