The Random Musings of A Homoerotica Fan 1

This is the first of an ongoing essay series entitled, The Random Musings of A Homoerotica Fan. The inspiration for this series sprang from a series of conversations a friend and I were exchanging back and forth, she also being a member of Further inspiration for this series comes from a very unlikely source: from a man who was so impressed with what I was doing here that he impressed upon me the necessity for women to have a voice in regarding to their interest in gay porn/erotica and by doing so helping to foster a connection to other women and their sexuality. Why this has come to be important at this conjuncture will become clear as the series progresses. And don’t worry: I plan to populate my posts in this series with as much beautiful imagery as I can.


The Random Musings of A Homoerotica Fan #1
The ‘Eyes’ Have It
The most important feature to me is a person’s eyes. Theydon’t call eyes the windows to the soul fornothing. I can pretty much tell what a person is like in real life by studyingtheir eyes before even their facial expressions, which taken together canreveal a lot. The eyes are what will draw you into a person. If I see someonewith ‘attractive’ eyes that person could be someone I’d like to get to knowbetter. I seldom act on that, out of shyness more than anything else, yet it’sbecome a feature when I ‘people watch’ I like to try to notice something hiddenby studying their eyes. When I’m writing and I’m describing a character that isappearing for the first time in my story, the first feature I’ll describe forthe reader will be the new character’s eyes and the other character/ narrator’s reaction upon seeing them. When I’m watching a casting (which isvery seldom any more sadly due to lack of time), or a photo session (those Ialways try to make time for), or even a scene, for me, eye contact is veryimportant, as important to the act of foreplay as any of the other action goingon between the couple I’m watching. I try to catch the eyes of the guys in thescene. The way they look at each can really say a lot about their demeanor andmay give clues on what ‘positions’ they’re going to have in the scene: who’sgoing to top and who’s going to bottom. Most times though I’ve been pleasantlysurprised.
A case in point….,


There was a moment during the scene with Yves Carradine andEthan Clarke from Lukas in Love Part One(2005), when Yves pins Ethan down and seemed to be taking matters at hand. Sucha brief moment of eye contact between them made me think that Yves would topthe scene. Yet watching Ethan, you knew who had the ‘upper hand’ almost theentire time. He surrenders his will briefly to Yves, and he takes it, but it’snot long before Ethan brings control back to himself to masterfully and withpassionate tenderness (which was bordering on lust…have to kind of be realhere), attends to his lover.


During the photo session they have withLukas, something seemed to pass between them to pave the way for theirpassionate scene to come. The way they looked at one another: attraction…turnedto trust…. transmuted into passion’s fire, and all with the eyes. It’s been mycareful observation while watching his scenes that Ethan would be comfortableno matter whom you paired him with. Yet he had this endearing and wonderfulquality about him that he would make his scene partners feel at ease: by histender attentions and sweet sense of humor. Ethan made Yves so comfortable thatit seemed that Lukas wasn’t even there, that it was just the two of them.

In another scene, released prior to Yves and Ethan’s from Lukas In Love Part One,  was the one fromGreek Holiday Part Two (2004) betweenJulian Armanis and Yves, (and I wished I had watched this scene first beforeYves’ scene with Ethan), I witnessed Yves’ seeming metamorphosis.  If he had showed any sign of apprehension inscenes before, you didn’t see that here. As I make the gentle comparisonbetween these two scenes, by mere observation alone, it would appear thatJulian may have cracked Yves’ chrysalis but it was Ethan that made Yves’ soultake flight. It was watching Yves looking down at his lover when he pinned him,their eye contact as they exchanged their sweet gazes to one another, there wasmagic there and it had everything to do with the eyes.

But I seemed to have digressed….A LOT!!!
Oh, yes…those eyes!
So, the inspiration for this post or the subject…eyes, thosebeautiful, luscious dreamy eyes of the Bel Ami boys. A friend had ‘challenged’me once to give a run down of the eye colors of all the Bel Ami guys I could thinkof off the top of my head.  However, itwould be unfair to state which ones I have fallen over the most but for thisspecial gallery and mini treatise I will present only a few. The rest of coursewill be up to all of you to discover on your own.  I can’t tell you all the answers, can I? Thatwouldn’t be very fair, would it?
Sascha: green; he has the emerald eyes of a Great Cat, will all the grace and beauty to match
Brandon: brown; sort of a no-brainer- usually people with brown hair have brown eyes and it’s in the genetics: brown is a dominant trait for both.
My dearly beloved, Josh: brown; quite unusual for a blond to have brown eyes, where typically blonds have blue eyes (a recessive trait for both hair color and eye color)- when you’ve been used to seeing blue eyes on a blond, it strikes you as special when it doesn’t come out that way, and Josh has become that way for me and it’s not all his eyes, but it was what pulled me to him from the start.
Luke: blue; it doesn’t strike me as odd now but when I see pictures of him when he first started with Bel Ami, he had brown hair, so you have a dark color contrasted with the light of his eyes, giving him a striking look which I’m sure was what the Bel Ami folks noticed.
Todd: green; his eyes were sort of hard to pin down at first and it took lots of careful study to notice
Kevin W: green; oh, how could I even possibly mistake those gentle, lovely emerald orbs of his.
Ethan: blue or green; His eyes were another pair I had trouble with at first but I think in his case it depends on the lighting and which color you see first.  I think he has on of the rare types (sort of like a Mystic Star Topaz) where you can see two colors within. In some light, I’ll notice them to be blue, and in other light, I’ll notice the green. Still, his eyes are sparkling, fiery, and beautiful and they pull me to him without fail. Of all the models, Ethan’s eyes were the more gorgeous, next to of course Lukas’ crystal blue eyes.
Lukas: blue; who could ever mistake Lukas’ wolf-like blue eyes. He has the eyes of an Alaskan malamute, but who’s going to complain. I certainly would not. One of my writer friends described his eyes to me as “the color of the Mediterranean Sea after a storm. Or even the Caribbean…as blue as any water I would love to drown in and have him come rescue me.” (*grin* My friend is quite a romantic, don’t you think? I love him dearly.) I doubt I would be able to come up with anything better.
Johan: green; though some mistake his for being blue, I would never mistake his sweet, gentle, calming green eyes. Not sure if Johan did any training during his career but if I were a newbie, just looking into his eyes I would know right off that I was in good hands and would trust him completely.
Sebastian: green; his eyes are like jewels, far precious than mere emeralds.


Yves: blue; I’ve never seen many dark brunettes with blue eyes before, which make him even more stunning.
Kristian: blue; His eyes are completely dazzling, almost as mesmerizing as Lukas’ baby blues.


Well, that was already quite a list I conjured. There are ofcourse many more but I’m leaving all those beauties for you to discover.